The American Solartechnics Heat Bank heat storage system was conceived and designed by the creators and original patent holders of the cylindrical Softank thermal storage system, the most popular, and copied heat storage tank design in the solar and wood boiler industry!

The Heat Bank is the next step and latest in unpressurized heat storage technology!   Heat Banks offer the best storage value and versatility for your investment.  And with our high performance proprietary design heat exchangers, these tanks are efficient, simple, and affordable.  They are ideal for wood boiler heat storage and are half of a solar system in and of themselves!

Heat Bank Highlights

  • Heat Bank tanks are more rigid and sturdy than cylindrical tanks
  • Ships ready for quick assembly on one pallet
  • Patented slip joints in the corners to maximize thermal integrity
  • Constructed out of high R-value Polyisocyanurate foam insulation, aluminum skin, and a heavy duty steel skeleton
  • Heavily insulated to minimize heat loss (twice that of most competitors' tanks!)
  • Wall and cover panels are modular and easily transported for quick assembly
  • Designed for installation in hard-to-reach, small spaces where access is limited to openings as small as 2' by 2'
  • No welding or soldering in the tank for plumbing installation
  • Heat Exchangers and plumbing feed in and out over the top edge, with no penetrations in the high temperature liner or moisture barrier!

Check out our Heat Bank Assembly Videos!

Softank Highlights

  • The original heat storage tank, updated in a simple DIY kit!
  • The kit provides you with the outer shell, polymer liner, and simple instructions, all you need is to add the insulation!
  • Perfect for small solar installations!

Heat Exchanger Highlights

Liner Highlights

  • Fabricated from specially manufactured high temperature Thermoelastomer
  • Extremely durable and easy to work with
  • Liners last a long time appropriately installed; we have many tanks with original liners still in service after 25 years that show little to no degradation.

Warranty Information

All liners and heat exchangers are tested for leaks prior to shipment.  We offer a limited residential warranty of 5 years for the actual tank structure and liner, and a warranty of 5 years for heat exchangers.  Click here for more warranty information.

All Heat Banks are field serviceable; all components can be maintained and repaired with ease if the necessity arose.

Below you'll find the specifications of the various products we offer:

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