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American Solartechnics specializes in the most advanced and modern heat storage options for renewable energy heating systems today, the Heat Bank! The highly insulated Heat Bank storage system is one of the most affordable and versatile products on the market. We offer many different sized Heat Bank storage tanks along with heat exchangers to fit every system's needs. Need a custom size storage tank? We can do that as well!


We also offer custom liners for "built on site" tanks or to replace an old tank liner. Our lining system is a high temperature thermoelastomer, which is custom run exclusively for American Solartechnics!


All of our Heat Banks are easily assembled, in an hour or less. The largest component of our largest tank is 30" wide by 88" long by 5" deep and weighs about 15 pounds. The versatile modular nature of the Heat Bank makes installation of large amounts of storage in tight or otherwise inaccessible space to other storage tanks a simple task for one person using a Heat Bank!

Latest News

Heat Pumps for Space Heating and Fan Convectors

We are excited to be offering heat pumps for space heating and fan convectors!

AST Heat Pump Hot Water DIY Kit

Are you interested in using a heat pump water heater, but have been unimpressed with the cost and tricky installations? We have a solution for you! We are now offering an affordable DIY heat pump DHW kit that comes with a rebuilt heat pump, a 90 gallon Softank, and a stainless steel heat exchanger for domestic hot water! This kit is easy to assemble and quick to install and operates for a mere $20 a month up here in Maine! Interested? Click here to learn more or contact us!

Lifetime Heat Bank Liner Warranty

Here at American Solartechnics, we take pride in our workmanship and stand behind our products 100%, which is why we are upgrading the liner warranty on our patented Heat Banks.  American Solartechnics warrantees all Heat Bank liners for life.


This is a non-transferable warranty for the lifetime of the original Heat Bank installation. This warranty covers materials and liner workmanship only. This warranty covers all Heat Bank liners fabricated by American Solartechnics, used in conjunction with American Solartechnics heat exchangers, or in installations without heat exchangers (i.e. drain back installations). Using third party or homemade heat exchangers in a Heat Bank liner voids the warranty. Overheating damage is not covered. Our liners are rated at 180˚F continuous and 200˚F intermittent. Warranty card must be filled out and submitted to AST once the liner is in service for full coverage. Liner must be installed as per directions in the Heat Bank assembly manual.


Any questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email, we're here to help!

Photovoltaic Panels!  Only 95¢/watt!

We have 70,000 watts of Schuco photovoltaic panels for sale.  Schuco is a very high quality German manufacturer of solar equipment. These are 245 watt panels that output from 29-36 VDC. They are brand new, packaged two panels to a box, in their original packaging. The panels measure approximately 39"x68". Warrantied against DOA.


They are 95¢ a watt, so a single panel only costs $232.75!


First come, first served! When these are gone, they are gone for good, so contact us today for more information!

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