Standard Sizes

All American Solartechnics Heat Banks are highly insulated to prevent thermal loss.  The walls are rated R-31.5, the covers are R-24.5, and the base is also rated at R-24.5.  Our Heat Banks are double lined for redundancy, using two complementary proprietary high temperature thermoelastomers.  Our tanks can handle up to 180°F continuous heating and up to 200° intermittently.


Don't see a size that fits your needs?  Click here for information about our custom Heat Bank sizes!


Capacity Finished Dimensions
1100 Gallons 88" x 88" x 54"
820 Gallons 76" x 76" x 54"
550 Gallons 64" x 64" x 54"
415 Gallons 60" x 60" x 54"
200 Gallons 43" x 43" x 54"
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