Pressurized vs. Unpressurized Storage

The beauty of an unpressurized tank is its flexibility.  Because our tanks are comprised of relatively small components, they will fit into almost any space without any major effort.


Adding and/or changing heat exchangers is a very simple process with our Heat Bank storage system.


There is no risk of corrosion in our tanks.  Pressurized vessels can have corrosion failures due to faulty welds and ferrous metals can corrode over time.  This is not an issue with our high performance, polymer lined tanks.


Being modular, Heat Banks are completely rebuildable if there is ever a need to replace any component on the tank (though it is highly unlikely that you would ever need to replace anything on your Heat Bank, presuming it is installed correctly).  You could even disassemble your tank and take it with you if you decide to relocate!


Our highly engineered heat exchangers allow you to simply interface with any type of heating system.  They do not throw any major bottlenecks into a system's performance the way other heat exchangers can.

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